Compliance and Ethics

VistaJet is founded on a commitment to do business in accordance with the highest ethical principles and standards. VistaJet values honesty and integrity and strives for a culture where all its employees and business partners have a strong awareness of their responsibilities and adhere to high ethical standards. VistaJet’s Compliance and Ethics Program provides a framework for effective compliance within VistaJet serving as a guideline to standards to be observed by all employees and business partners in the discharge of their duties.

VistaJet has developed written compliance and ethics related policies, codes and procedures that are designed to establish rules to help its employees and business partners carry out their functions in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and to further the mission and objectives of VistaJet. The following are those codes, policies and procedures that are applicable to VistaJet’s business partners:

Supplier code of conduct

Anti-money laundering policy

Insider trading policy

Sanctions compliance policy

Speak up procedure for reporting concerns relating to financial matters

Anti-corruption and anti-bribery policy